4 fun styling tips for plus-sized clothing

4 fun styling tips for plus-sized clothing

Styling is more of a personal choice than following norms or trends. This is true for every kind of outfit, whether straight-sized or plus-sized clothing. Although there are a lot of classy dressing tricks floating about, how about adding a dash of adventure and quirk to plus-sized clothing? Here are a few fun ways to flaunt a plus-sized outfit, without going overboard.

Get some knee-highs and thigh-highs
Ankle-length socks are cute, and they add a touch of chic casualness to any outfit. For a change, try knee-highs and thigh-highs. Perfect for the fall season, when combined with the right material and outfit, knee-highs and thigh-highs can make any plus-sized clothing quirkier. Plus, they make the legs look longer and sassier. A good styling tip is to mix together mesh tights with thigh-highs. Or a skirt in pastel shade with black knee-highs or a short plait-dress with thigh-high boots.

To accessorize or not to accessorize
Many suggest that the simplest trick to make any plus-sized clothing look better is to add over-the-top accessories to the outfit like a chunky statement necklace, dangling earring, and lots of bracelets. These will definitely bling up the outfit. However, going the no-bling way can also be a great idea. Play around with kitschy outsized prints and bold-printed bodycon for a fun and bold look without any OTT accessorizing. If choosing to accessorize, just pick one piece of jewelry to be the highlight of the ensemble.

Take care of frumpy fabric with wide belts
Plus-sized clothing sometimes has extra fabric that makes it look sloppy. One way is to do tailoring by fixing up the extra fabric for a better fit and at quite a low cost too. If too lazy to go to the tailor or if short on time, grab an extra wide belt and tuck in the extra fabric of an over-sized shirt or a loose dress. Add on a structured blazer for a neater look.

Don’t run away from crop tops
Contrary to popular opinion, crop tops can be quite flattering to a plus-sized clothing ensemble. Pair up a crop top in a solid color with a flamboyant A-line skirt, fitting leather pants, or printed trousers to show off the perfect amount of curves. Add a layer with a wool or leather jacket to complete the outfit.